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Creative solution for any problem of yours!

The place for creation of the modern effective hi-tech multimedia solutions. Our information products use modern technologies to attract users attention and to promote their interest using 3D-modeling, virtualization, animation, touchless control, as well as augmented and virtual reality.


We can cope with your orders of any level. Keeping a high level of performance, we add creativity and use related technologies to complete the tasks 30% faster compared to average time on the market. Portfolio of concepts and of ready-to-use products of a variety of applications contribute to accelerated process of creating a unique project to implement your bold ideas.


We can supply your product, description or demonstration of your services with three-dimensional objects ready to interact with the user and to make them work in augmented, virtual or mixed reality. Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies in order to draw attention to your product on the market.


We wrap up your ideas into a software product that can reach your customer the fastest way possible. Our clients make use of desktop, mobile and web applications developed for various devices: from desktops to virtual reality helmets, extending an idea of their own abilities.


We develop your ideas in order to achieve the maximum impact of decisions created for you. Our products developed using modern multimedia technologies are truly unique and allow consoldating your leadership on the market, demonstrating uniqueness and market value of your products and services.



Learning systems8

Augmented reality12

Virtual reality7


Printing product with AR5

Animating objects10


Virtual simulators4

Visual guidelines4

Visual control3

Navi systems3

Entertainment, promo games3

Our products


Software Platform

Genuine software platform «Exciting reality» is a univeral tool to create cross-platform software-hardware solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

Startup Rating «A»

«Exciting Reality» software was A-rated by Russian Startup Rating service to acknowledge investment potential of the project.

Technology Park Resident

«Exciting Reality» company is a «Technological Park Mordovia» resident, part of the innovative light engineering cluster.

Contests Award Winner

«Exciting reality» company is an award winner of contests "Mordovia Best Goods", 2014 and 2015, diploma winner of "100 Russia Best Goods 2015», «New Good of 2015».


Award winner of "Mordovia Best Goods 2015" contest

Award winner of "Mordovia Best Goods 2014" contest

Diploma winner of "100 Russia Best Goods 2015" contest

"New Good of the Year" award on the "100 Russia Best Goods 2015" contest

Excerpt from the Technological Park Mordovia register

Award winner of the intellectual property contest

International exhibitions

Open innovations 2014

Moscow : October, 23 2014

Demostrated: Educational solutions of the company: Complex in Physics with augmented reality, "live" printed mananual and e-manual pilot product.

Open innovations 2015

Moscow :October, 30 2015

Demonstrated: Interactive virtual showcases of Technological Park Mordovia residents and learning systems based on VR-technology.

Army 2015

Kubinka : June, 17 2015

Demostrated: Visual guides for weapons and visual control inventory logistic systems with augmented reality.

RAE 2015

Nizhni Tagil: September, 09 2015

Demonstrated: Virtual simulators for military technique use and service based an augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Samsung B2B 2015

Moscow : October, 27 2015

Demonstrated: Visual guides for weapons and visual control inventory logistic systems with augmented reality.

AR Conference 2016

Moscow : March, 10 2016

Taking part in panel discussion on prospects of VR and AR markets. Demontrated: company developed VR-games.

Intellectual property

State certificate for "Exciting Reality" trademark property

Certificate for state registration of software 2013617947

Certificate for state registration of software 2013660703

Certificate for state registration of software 2014614575


High Growth Rate of the Market

Virtual and augmented reality software market to grow with CAGR 30-40% in the upcoming years. Market growth is supported by development of the equipment designed for use with these technologies, rapid development of related technologies and their increased accessibility.

Front Edge of Development

Investments in our company make possible to be the first on the world's market to be part of advanced technological project and to grab a niche in one of the high-potential markets today and in the nearest future. Make your challenging ideas come true or support promising projects.

High Return at Moderate Risk

It is obvious that a fast-growing segment in the market can offer investors attractive opportunities to increase their profitability. In the "Exciting reality" case this factor is complemented by an equally important one: the company has software development experience, expertise, prototypes and ready-to-use products with protected intellectual property.

Transparent access to information

Potential partners we provide full access to information about the company. We take care of the exclusively positive reputation of the brand "Exciting reality" and create an atmosphere of trust and constructive cooperation for investors.

Our partners

On behalf of Samsung Electronics, I would like to give thanks to “Exciting Reality” company for its efforts in development of new technologies.

Park Kwang Hong, Samsung Electronics
Epson Company thanks “Exciting Reality” company for creating interactive manual with augmented reality for Epson Moverio BT-200.

Roman Spirchev, Epson Europe B.V.


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